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doctapuella said: PROMPT: nouis doing, like, literally anything. i liked the dynamic you had in your story you posted today! hmm. or no wait, lilo and liam is a librarian and louis and harry are being too noisy? but like in a silly way and liam is trying to shush them but louis is like being sassy (i.e. being himself) and liam's annoyed but like doesn't hate him completely? i'm tired and loopy I WANT SASSY LOUIS??


(you said SASSY LOUIS and instead i wrote INTRO TO THE MUMMY AU. I’M SORRY!)

Liam runs his fingers over the dusty – okay, not dusty, this is a fairly, like, populated library, so the books are – well, they aren’t clean, exactly, but they’re – anyway, Liam finally finds the T section, shelves the Twain book on his cart, ready to move onto the next book, when he hears it.


Loud whispers, more specifically. Furious whispers, Liam thinks proudly. His word of the day app is worth something, after all. There are students here studying, so Liam rounds the bookshelf, ready to shush whoever is furiously disrupting the quiet library atmosphere, and runs smack into two of the fittest boys he’s ever seen.

Well. Liam is an official Assistant Librarian. He can handle this sort of thing. He makes an impressive gargling noise instead of actual words. Great start.

The boy with sapphire eyes – not to be confused with the boy with emerald eyes – not that Liam is comparing anyone’s eyes to jewels, oh god, - grabs his arm, tugs him further down the aisle.

“What the hell, mate, we’re in a library,” the blue-eyed boy says. “Keep it down, would you?”

Liam sputters. “You – you were the one making noise!”

Emerald eyes – ahem, plain boring grass green eyes – offers charitably, “Maybe we should all be quiet?”

Liam is already nodding – sensible suggestion, really – when blue eyes mutters, “Honestly, Harry, we’re looking for the map to Hamunaptra. What’s the point in being sensible?”

At that, Liam freezes. “Hamunaptra?” he repeats. “The lost Egyptian city?”

Blue eyes grins. “Tell me you know the way, and you’ll be my new best friend.”

Liam swallows thickly. “Well…”

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he looks so LITTLE AND VULNERABLE AND DETERMINED here i suspect he is some player’s KID BROTHER or maybe just an EAGER YOUNG BASKETBALL FAN who is nonetheless fully of the AGE OF CONSENT which is good because he wanders into the locker room before a game SOMEHOW and is spotted by sultry point guard ZAYN MALIK


because they live in a PARALLEL UNIVERSE where all basketball players are under six feet tall. zayn promptly informs teammate/fuck buddy LIAM PAYNE


that there’s a SWEET YOUNG THING with STARS IN HIS EYES who needs their immediate attention.

"Don’t throw me out," begs Niall when the two of them advance on him. "Just wanted a selfie with you. Big fan. Please?"

"Oh, we’re not throwing you out," says Zayn, exchanging a glance with Liam.

"Nah," agrees Liam, putting his hand on Niall’s bare shoulder. "But we can give you a tour if you like. Up close and personal."

"Really?" Niall asks. He can’t believe his luck. "Would you really?"

"Oh yeah," Zayn says, grinning. "Maybe we’ll even teach you a couple things."

{I'll Buy You Everything}


Title: I’ll Buy You Everything

Author: psycholinguistic (balefully)

Recipient: fuzzyslippers8

Pairing: Niall Horan/Liam Payne

Rating: Explicit

Word count: 5,143

SummaryLiam is a successful businessman, Niall is the student who answers his online ad for a younger man to pamper, not quite understanding what he’s getting into. Luckily, it all seems to work out just fine.

Notes and Warnings: Just an extra warning that this has some particularly ageplay-tinged daddy kink in it, as well as genitalia-related feminisation!

A fill for this prompt:

Sugardaddy!au. Liam is a successful business man however he is quite bored with his life and one day puts up a message on craiglist saying that he’s seeking for a younger male to pamper. Niall, who is 18, fresh out of high school and about to go to university, replies half-jokingly, not really knowing what to expect (and perhaps also questioning his sexuality). They meet up and actually hit it off. Niall is a bright light in Liam’s life with a bubbly personality, and Liam is a lot sweeter than Niall had expected. (And yes, please smut with this one with different kinks like daddy, bondage, overstimulation, maybe some feminization with Niall, just have fun with it. You can also change how they meet if you want, all I really care about is sugardaddy!Liam and him lavishing Niall)

Thanks so much to dazy-laze for the Britpick!

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liam being all protective and shit  (。♥‿♥。)





8/∞ » niam moments that make me question to myself why i’m breathing